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We are thrilled to invite you to the first international online challenge:

Suzuki Piano Tour

A trip to the Americas through music

There is very little time left to take advantage of the special price!

Challenge supported by:

Suzuki Association

of the Americas

February 27 to March 27, 2022

Do you want to improve your piano practice?

Are you looking for motivation to help you practice?

Do you want to connect with piano students from all around the Americas?

Would you like to discover more about the countries of the Americas?

Make your piano practice FUN!

Join us on a trip around the Americas.

From Canada to Chile, we will learn about other nations, their music, and their culture while tackling fun challenges, enjoying short informative videos, and playing online games with participants from 17 different countries!

How to play?

As a participant you will receive a daily practice challenge to perform at home in addition to your usual practice.

Once you complete each challenge you can share it in a photo or video with the entire community on our private Facebook group.

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If you wish so, you can have an international practice buddy who speaks your language, and you will complete the challenges toether.

In addition, each day you will receive an informative short video that will tell you about the life and music in other countries, or a video with tips and advice on how to play or practice better.


If you are an advanced student, you will have access to an online game to play together with students and teachers from other parts of the region!

At the end of the challenge, you will be able to participate in a virtual recital with other students from all over the Americas!

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The event will end on March 27 with a recital performed by teachers from all participating countries!

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What will you receive?

A daily fun practice challenge. (Challenges are designed for three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced)

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A daily video about other countries, their customs, and their music, or tips to improve your daily practice

Access to the web platform and the mobile app

A digital participant diploma

As an advanced student, you will be able to choose a piece from another country to play in the final recital

An international practice buddy who speaks your same language

The opportunity to play in a virtual recital with other students from the Americas

Access to the private Facebook group with participants from 17 different countries

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Parents will be able to participate in their own online workshop.

Much love from all the Suzuki community of the Americas

What do you need?

A stable internet connection

The desire to practice piano every day

Being a Suzuki student living in the Americas

Do you need access for more than 3 siblings?

Do you need a scholarship to participate?

E-mail us here


What is the cost?


(Register by February 20

of 2022)

1 student

$35 USD

Special offer:
$25 USD

2 siblings

$70 USD

Special offer:
$40 USD

3 siblings

$105 USD

Special offer:
$60 USD

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Hurry up! We are running out of travel tickets to go on this virtual musical journey all around the Americas