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We are thrilled to invite you to donate for the first:

North American

Suzuki Piano Practice Challenge

Thank you so much for the submission of video of your advanced student or students.  The preview of them has been inspiring to the production team, and I am certain that they will motivate and inspire the participants in the Challenge as well.  I love that we have this venue to showcase excellence in teaching!!


The Piano Mystery Challenge is designed to create something new, to create a bigger, better, more united community, working together in celebration of our work, and fulfilling on the possibility for every child and family of joy, fun, celebration and satisfaction of achievement through piano practice.  If you have already registered yourself, thank you so much for your support and contribution.  If you have not, I am requesting that you donate participate in the nominal fee of $25 in support of the event. 


While this is optional, know that your contribution goes toward creating a professional produced event, with scholarships offerings, prizes for teachers with the highest studio enrollment, and the possibility that the next event will have even greater success.

Thank you for considering this.



Join us to discover a huge mystery

We've been preparing a very important piano recital...

But the day of the concert, we found out that the piano had disappeared!

We need your help to find it!

Solve the clues to get the piano back for the concert

Hurry Up! We need your help!!

Gradiente brillante

What will you receive?

A daily fun

practice challenge

A daily video clip with valuable information to improve your practice and a clue to help you solve the mystery

Access to the web platform and mobile app

A daily inspirational performance video

An opportunity to play at the final piano recitals

Access to a great facebook community of students and teachers of north america

Receive a digital

participant diploma

Donate here:


Gradiente brillante

Hurry Up! We need you!

Help us find the piano and solve the mystery